Circuline to Perform at ProgStock 2017

Circuline is so grateful and excited to be performing at ProgStock 2017!  What a lineup!  Will we see you there?

To find out more about ProgStock – please take 5 minutes and watch this awesome ProgStock informational video about the venue, the bands, and all the cool stuff!

If you still need more information, please check out the rest of the web pages on the ProgStock website.  If you’re ready to get your “Boarding Passes” (tickets) and join us, just click the link below……..

Circuline Releases New Official Video for “Silence Revealed”

“Silence Revealed” – Music by Andrew Colyer, Darin Brannon, and Bill Shannon. Lyrics and vocal melodies by Randy McStine.  Additional vocal harmony arrangements by Andrew Colyer, Natalie Brown, and William Spillane.  Guest electric violin solo by Joe Deninzon.

Circuline’s debut album features Guest Artists Matt Dorsey (Sound of Contact) on bass, Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance) as a songwriter and vocalist, and Joe Deninzon (Stratospheerius) on electric violin. Paul Ranieri (Mark Wood Rock Orchestra), seen in the above video, is the new bassist with the band.

Video recorded at the Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, New York,; New Jersey ProgHouse, Dunellen, NJ: and Enigma Dance Hall in Milan, New York. Additional video courtesy of Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius.

Video editing: Darin Brannon  |  Marketing and Advertising: Andrew Colyer

Band Management and booking: Thomas Palmieri
Legal Management: Ronald Bienstock

Much-needed sarcasm and general snarkiness: Natalie Brown


Circuline Guest Guitarist #6 of 7: Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance, The Fringe, Pink Floyd Experience)


Circuline is excited to continue announcing the Guest Guitarists for the second album, “Counterpoint”.

Guest #6 of 7: Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance, The Fringe, Pink Floyd Experience).  Randy, one of the most prolific musicians out there, recently returned from a European tour with the Jane Getter Premonition, then left immediately to go back out on tour with the Pink Floyd Experience.  He and his band The Fringe will be performing this May at the Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest), where they will be having their CD release party.

Andrew Colyer met Randy on the Moody Blues Cruise and Cruise to the Edge in 2014.  Randy was performing with Sound of Contact,  Andrew was performing with the Prog Rock Orchestra, and when Circuline needed a singer-songwriter for their first album, they called Randy.

Randy contributed lyrics, melodies, and vocals for “Return”, and is again contributing lyrics and melodies for the seven vocal songs on this upcoming album, “Counterpoint”.

Randy is also contributing guitar tracks to the instrumental piece “New Day”.  We’re excited and grateful to be working with him!