Circuline – “C.O.R.E.” Gear Behind the Music [Season 3, Episode 1]

What gear did Circuline actually use during the making of the new album “C.O.R.E.”. ? Start your exploration with Part One of this eight-part “Gear Behind the Music” series!


Circuline is:

Andrew Colyer – keyboards, sound design, lead and backing vocals
Darin Brannon – drums, percussion, keyboards
Natalie Brown – lead and backing vocals
Shelby Logan Warne – basses
Dave Bainbridge – guitars, additional keyboards


The 2024 CORE Virtual Tour is a 12-month celebration in support of the new album, with 57 Events throughout the entire year. Six years in the making, “C.O.R.E.” will be released on the Inner Nova label on September 20th, 2024. It will be available as an album on standard CD in a six-panel digipak, with a 12-page booklet of lyrics and liner notes.

No vinyl. No double vinyl. No colored vinyl. No limited cassette. No deluxe LP.. No audiophile approved crystal clear vinyl. No bonus tracks. No deluxe CD & Blu-Ray boxset. No instrumental versions. No high resolution 96/24 stereo. No 5.1 and Dolby Atmos surround sound versions. There ARE, however, an exclusive 30-page 8.5″ x 11″ Tour Program, and four choices of t-shirts! AND, if you Pre-Order before the release date of September 20th, your CD will be autographed, and you will get a bonus free autographed poster!

ORDER THE “C.O.R.E.” ALBUM: https://innernovamusic.com/pages/preorder-core

Circuline Spotify Artist Profile – all singles, studio, and live albums: https://open.spotify.com/artist/27qMMRu5RnQeeSBx3zyJpA
Circuline Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4eJwpl19k2x66IHri2PTLo?si=SjOfX-x6REyxvpoSqd05_g&pi=u-_Np-APnvQ6mJ
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/circuline/988935801
Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B00WMASVDO/circuline
Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/artist/circuline/ARwpdr7nj3KcvvV

Get Your Seven Free Downloads and Your Complimentary Subscription to the Circuline Rock Journal: https://innernovamusic.com/pages/7-free-songs

Website: https://circulinemusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/circulinemusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/circulinemusic/
Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/circulinemusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/CirculineMusic
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@circulinemusic1


Recorded at:
The Cave, Red Hook, New York; engineered by Andrew Colyer and Darin Brannon
Old Street Studios, London, England; engineered by Shelby Logan Warne
The Barn, Lincolnshire, England, and Arlette Studio, Baltimore, Maryland; engineered by Dave Bainbridge
Joe’s Travel Rig, on tour with Kansas in Minneapolis and Wassau, Wisconsin; engineered by Joe Deninzon

Mixing: Robert Berry, Campbell, California (https://soundtekstudios.com/)

Mastering: Rainer Gembalczyk, Half Moon Bay, California (https://www.siennadigital.com/)

Photography: Chris Nostrand, Hudson Valley, NY (https://nostrandproductions.com/)

Album cover / artwork: Henrietta Mantooth Bagley, New York, NY

Art illustration/graphics/cd design: Darin Brannon, Norwalk, CT (https://darinbrannon.com/)


#1 in Portugal. Top 10 in Japan. Prog-Award Nominated. Global Music Award Winning. With sales in 23 countries, modern progressive rock band Circuline’s fanbase is growing daily. Circuline has toured with Glass Hammer, repeatedly co-headlined the three-day Sonic Voyage Festival, and toured England opening for IO Earth. Circuline has performed at the International Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest), Philadelphia’s Liberty Music Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, New Jersey’s ProgStock, and England’s Harmonix Festival.

Thank you for listening to our music, and for your support.


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Does YES meet Pink Floyd with Circuline’s New Single Release “Tempus Horribilis”?

2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour – Event #1/57
Single Release – “Tempus Horribilis”

In Week #1 of Circuline’s 2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour, you get the lead single off the new album!  Written with classic influences such as YES and Pink Floyd, you’ll hear our modern take on the recent times we’ve all been living in. 

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll see an Official Video, a Lyric Video, and more in-depth videos, going “Behind the Scenes” with the band about the gear we used, what we were thinking when writing the music and lyrics, and more! 

You’ll get to find all about about this musical story…..but for now, you can enjoy the music on all the major streaming platforms, by starting with the YouTube video above, or the link below…..

For Your Favorite Streaming Platform, Just Click this Link!

Circuline – “Tempus Horribilis” [Official Audio]

We appreciate you being here on this journey, together with us!  Hopefully we’re supporting you in your life’s adventures, and we couldn’t be doing this without you and your awesome support!  

Rock On and Prog Out!

We wish you all the best,
Andrew, Darin, Natalie, Shelby, and Dave

Circuline – “CircuLive::NewView” Release Day 2020

http://www.CircuLiveNewView.com – Thank you so much to all the people who Pre-Ordered our new CD/DVD/Blu-ray, plus all the Exclusive Pre-Order autographed merchandise! We look forward to meeting you in person when the time is right. Thank you for your order, and thank you for supporting our international, independent, modern cinematic progressive rock band!
–Andrew, Darin, Natalie, Billy, Alek, and Matt
New York / Toronto / Los Angeles

Prog Magazine Online Debuts New Circuline Video, “Inception”

Thank you so much Prog Magazine for debuting Circuline’s new video for “Inception”!

Filmed during the 13th International Rites of Spring Festival (RoSfest), this is taken from the upcoming CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/Blu-Ray package, and we appreciate the article and publicity.

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TeamRock’s Prog Magazine Online Debuts New Circuline Video, “Stereotypes”

Thank you so much Prog Magazine for debuting Circuline’s new video for “Stereotypes”!

Filmed during the 13th International Rites of Spring Festival (RoSfest), this is taken from the upcoming CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/Blu-Ray package, and we appreciate the article and publicity.

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