Does YES meet Pink Floyd with Circuline’s New Single Release “Tempus Horribilis”?

2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour – Event #1/57
Single Release – “Tempus Horribilis”

In Week #1 of Circuline’s 2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour, you get the lead single off the new album!  Written with classic influences such as YES and Pink Floyd, you’ll hear our modern take on the recent times we’ve all been living in. 

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll see an Official Video, a Lyric Video, and more in-depth videos, going “Behind the Scenes” with the band about the gear we used, what we were thinking when writing the music and lyrics, and more! 

You’ll get to find all about about this musical story…..but for now, you can enjoy the music on all the major streaming platforms, by starting with the YouTube video above, or the link below…..

For Your Favorite Streaming Platform, Just Click this Link!

Circuline – “Tempus Horribilis” [Official Audio]

We appreciate you being here on this journey, together with us!  Hopefully we’re supporting you in your life’s adventures, and we couldn’t be doing this without you and your awesome support!  

Rock On and Prog Out!

We wish you all the best,
Andrew, Darin, Natalie, Shelby, and Dave