Circuline Guest Guitarist #6 of 7: Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance, The Fringe, Pink Floyd Experience)


Circuline is excited to continue announcing the Guest Guitarists for the second album, “Counterpoint”.

Guest #6 of 7: Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance, The Fringe, Pink Floyd Experience).  Randy, one of the most prolific musicians out there, recently returned from a European tour with the Jane Getter Premonition, then left immediately to go back out on tour with the Pink Floyd Experience.  He and his band The Fringe will be performing this May at the Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest), where they will be having their CD release party.

Andrew Colyer met Randy on the Moody Blues Cruise and Cruise to the Edge in 2014.  Randy was performing with Sound of Contact,  Andrew was performing with the Prog Rock Orchestra, and when Circuline needed a singer-songwriter for their first album, they called Randy.

Randy contributed lyrics, melodies, and vocals for “Return”, and is again contributing lyrics and melodies for the seven vocal songs on this upcoming album, “Counterpoint”.

Randy is also contributing guitar tracks to the instrumental piece “New Day”.  We’re excited and grateful to be working with him!

Big Bang Magazine (France) Gives Circuline a Great Review


Thank you so much to Big Bang Magazine (France) for the great review of Circuline’s debut album in Issue 94!

“Remarkable [and] skillful musicians…..deserve(s) that we pay closer attention…..untimely musical vibes…..prolific ideas, like a breath of fresh air…..these exciting 40 minutes…..a duo of convincing vocal performers…..these artists refuse all labeling and don’t take the easy route…..their music, defined by their soul just like ‘melodic and cinematic rock for the 21st century’…..a delightful vocal performance (Silence Revealed)…..prog AOR accents, cinematic landscapes and instrumental fusions…..variety [that] thrives of rigor and intensity…..a devilishly successful album…..perfect in its genre…..”

Special thanks to Olivier Pelletant for such a great review!