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Recorded Live at the International ProgStock Festival. This performance captures the band in a brand new show with lots of surprises.

The Show

Our intention was to create a modern rock concert show, that ANYONE could enjoy, whether they like “progressive rock” or not.  We did our best to create entertaining”moments” in the show, based upon our years of attending concerts ourselves.  What do top-tier major label acts do during their performances to create shows that are memorable?  We did our best to incorporate those elements into this concert, to create the best live rock show we’ve ever done, and spread fun and excitement to as many people around the globe as possible.

This required input from all band members at the time – Darin Brannon (drums/keys/percussion), Andrew Colyer (keys/vocals/percussion), Natalie Brown (vocals/percussion), William “Billy” Spillane (vocals/guitars/percussion), Joel Simches (bass/drums), and Alek Darson (guitars/percussion).   

We had SO MUCH FUN crafting, rehearsing, and performing this concert at ProgStock!  We hope you enjoy the “acoustic moment”, the “keyboard challenge”, the “drum feature”, and more… 


Official Live and Studio Videos