Progression Magazine Gives 4-Star Review to CircuLive::Majestik

Progression Magazine’s (U.S.) Issue 74 gives a four star review (out of five) to CircuLive::Majestik!!

“A great summary of the ensemble’s unique assets…..impressive…..contemporary American prog, melodically oriented with charming personality…..has an episodic/cinematic sense of flow that keeps you engaged for its duration…..spine chilling…..tasty…..soulful…..tastefully edited…..exquisitely mixed.”

Special thanks to John Collinge for the feature!

Prog Radar Gives Stellar Review of CircuLive::Majestik

Thank you so much, Martin Hutchinson of Prog Radar, for this great review of CircuLive::Majestik!!

“Highly impressive progressive rock act…..dramatic and powerful performances…..bombastically brilliant…..raises the hairs on the back of my neck…..well shot DVD draws you in and makes you feel as if you are part of the whole experience…..soaring to the heights of The Majestic’s roof…..in this spellbinding show, it’s not just a concert, it really is like going to the theatre to watch a musical extravaganza and Circuline really deliver that”

“As live albums go this one has to be right up there with some of the recent best. Having excellent songs is a good start but to be able to translate those tracks into the live arena this well takes some real skill and Circuline have that in spades.”

For the full review:

CircuLive::Majestik Great Review on RockMuzine (Netherlands)

Thank you so much, Esther Kessel-Tamerus, for the great review of the CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD, rating it an 85/100!

“Surely rocking….captivating, surprising, and experimental in nature…epic…sparkling in terms of performance…with this release, Circuline proves that they are a solid live band. (85/100)”

PROG Issue 88 Gives Solid Review of CircuLive::Majestik

Thank you so much, Jerry Ewing and Prog Magazine for the solid review of the “CircuLive::Majestik” CD/DVD/Blu-ray in PROG Issue 88!

“They never sound derivative….one of the band’s selling points is the three-part harmonies…..moments of great musical drama…..detours into ELP territory…..those years spent playing prog classica have honed their confidence and stage presence, and their potential is clear.”

For the full review, click the link below:
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Prog Magazine Online Debuts New Circuline Video, “Inception”

Thank you so much Prog Magazine for debuting Circuline’s new video for “Inception”!

Filmed during the 13th International Rites of Spring Festival (RoSfest), this is taken from the upcoming CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/Blu-Ray package, and we appreciate the article and publicity.

Read the article for yourself here:

Progtopia Interviews and Features Circuline on Episode 126

Thank you so much to Mark Ashby at Progtopia for interviewing Darin Brannon and Andrew Colyer, and featuring Circuline’s upcoming release, CircuLive::Majestik on Progtopia Episode 126!

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Fireworks Magazine (UK) Interviews Circuline in Issue 76

Thank you so much to Fireworks Magazine (UK) for the Counterpoint coverage and band interview with Circuline in Issue 76!

Janet Krier Riccobono‘s husband Rob Shannon took the band photo that was used for the article, and Joel Barrios of Norrsken Photography took the cover photo for the upcoming CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/BLu-Ray, now available for pre-order (with exclusive bonuses) via PledgeMusic!  Get your pre-order pledge-only bonuses now: