Circuline is excited and proud to announce that bassist Matt Dorsey (Sound of Contact) will be performing on the Debut Album, slated for release in December 2014.

Self-taught, Matt Dorsey explores the creative depths of Progressive-Pop-Rock.  Growing up in a musical family and surrounded by instruments, Matt learned to play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and sing.  He now writes and produces his own music, often playing all the instruments.  “I can’t find anyone to play with me”, he jokes. “No, honestly, it’s the most enjoyable, most rewarding thing I’ve found in this life to do. And when I can work with guys like Andrew and the guys in Circuline, I’m in heaven.”

Influenced by the likes of Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, The Police, XTC, Matt brings an intricate sensibility to his projects, striving to add something special without getting in the way.  “Melody is my muse”, he says.  “But not just a lead instrument.  I like when all the instruments do their part to support a main melody, but still add melodic color of their own.  Guys like Geddy Lee or Chris Squire on bass, Tony Banks or Donald Fagen on keys, Andy Partridge or David Gilmour on guitar”.

Matt has an endorsement with Spector Basses and has toured with Beth Hart, Simon Collins, and Sound of Contact.  He remains a founding member of Sound of Contact.

Now, if we could just find a way to get him to the east coast to be a Guest Artist for those live gigs in November…