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Day 2: Third Rail

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“The scintillating “Third Rail” opens up with pleasant piano work and vocals. This track is quite a polished musical composition that shows a synthesis deep into the progressive melodic rock sphere; the synth work here is most impressive. It’s a catchy stirring track, with, a large and heterogeneous medley of fusion and progressive rock stylistics.” – Powerplay Magazine

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It ain’t easy, the third rail
Conversation land mine, fail

Rising tide, rising voice
Purulent pressure of regret and choice

Your voice, your voice
Turning out the light
Turning off the hope
Turning in my heart
Turning down the volume of this affair
To sidestep the third rail

Walk in silence
My thoughts scream
Quieting the suffering I can’t redeem

Like a windstorm
World of sand
Swirling like mistakes I try understand

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