Past Member – Daniel Aggers – bass


Daniel Aggers grew up listening to classical music as a young child. His parents used to play classical and latin records, and he would pace for hours with headphones on.  “I couldn’t sit still . . . music was very visceral for me . . . music really moved me to the point of tears.”

As a guitarist-musician-composer, Daniel’s roots in blues and rock began at age 14. After playing guitar in several rock and blues bands from 1970-1973, Daniel’s life was transformed in 1973 when he went to a concert and saw the progressive rock band YES. After that one night’s experience, he went home and gave away all of his rock and blues records, started taking classical guitar lessons, and focused on progressive rock as a form of musical expression. After he saw Steve Howe perform live, his life was about classically-focused progressive rock music – specifically, everything that was coming out of England. “There weren’t any American bands that I liked”, says Daniel.

Besides listening to YES, Genesis, King Crimson, ELP, Gentle Giant, UK, and other progressive rock bands, Daniel also got into “experimental” music.  Non-traditional jazz, such as Alan Holdsworth, became a source of study. “I liked anything as long as it was different . . . I was very anti-pop.”

Following this period of musical transformation, Daniel played in the highly successful Northeastern progressive rock band Chrysalis from 1974-1978. He also composed classical guitar music and performed live with Daryl Wonderly in the 1980’s.

In 2004, Dan introduced keyboardist Andrew Colyer to the world of progressive rock music.  Andrew was immediately hooked, and they formed the progressive classical group Indra’s Net, which featured guest artist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) on bass .  Daniel and Andrew have also written music in a progressive rock trio format, working with drummer Gene “Bruford” Datri in SunOne, and drummer Carmen Pommellito in the DAC Power Trio.

Daniel has been writing and performing with Giant Truth Machine (GTM) since 2012, and was thrilled to join Circuline, to resume writing and performing with his long-term friend whom he introduced to this genre of progressive rock.