Circuline Parts Ways with Joel Simches

Circuline has made the decision to part ways with bassist/engineer Joel Simches.  For the past two years, Joel has worked with Circuline, starting as their live sound engineer, then working his way into the bass position, often performing double duty on the road as a stage monitor mixer.  Highlights have included Joel performing live with Circuline on the traveling Sonic Voyage Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, and the inaugural 2017 ProgStock Festival in New Jersey.  Joel also served as the mixing engineer for the forthcoming CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/Blu-Ray product.  Joel has also been very active in helping to enthusiastically promote the band, both online and publicly in person.  We can’t thank Joel enough for his contributions to Circuline from 2016 to 2018.

We know this is upsetting news to many friends and fans of Joel’s, and we are very sorry for that.  This decision was not an easy one, nor was it one we took lightly.  There are many variables that brought us here, issues about which we will never comment publicly, out of respect for all parties involved.

The creative process is a tricky thing, all the right elements must be in place, and every band member must find it an environment in which to thrive.

Joel is a great guy, a great musician, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Circuline on PROG Magazine Issue 79 Covermount CD

“Circuline’s Hollow is a song with many faces.  What starts out as a genteel piano piece soon transforms into a war march, before then hurtling headfirst down spasmodic passages of blurred notes and shifting meters.  While it may be hard to follow, it’s very easy to applaud.” — PROG Magazine Issue 79

Thank you to Jerry Ewing and all the staff at PROG Magazine (UK) for featuring the Counterpoint track “Hollow” on their “Issue 79 Postcards” Covermount CD Sampler, included with their August 2017 Issue!

Fright Pig‘s Alek Darson (and now, Circuline’s newest band member) was the guest guitarist on this track, and he also mixed the entire Counterpoint album.

Janet Krier Riccobono‘s husband Rob Shannon took the band photo that was used for the band bio on the CD Covermount page, and Joel Barrios of Norrsken Photography took the cover photo for the upcoming CircuLive::Majestik  CD/DVD/BLu-Ray, , now available for pre-order (with exclusive bonuses) via PledgeMusic!  Get your pre-order pledge-only bonuses now:


TeamRock’s Prog Magazine Online Debuts New Circuline Video, “Summit”

Thank you so much Prog Magazine for debuting Circuline’s new video for “Summit”!

Shot on location during the band’s first tour of England last summer (opening for IOEarth), we appreciate the article and publicity.

Read the article for yourself here:

Circuline Shares Year-End Top 10 List with Kansas

Thank you so much to Japanese “Prog Notes” for this Honor!
“Circuline’s 1st album ‘Return’ was nominated last year for the ‘Rookie of the Year Award’.  ‘Counterpoint’ is a step up from the debut & a very elaborate & well done album.  Indeed, this feels like the pioneering of a new generation of American Progressive music.  This album also takes the road to the land of orthodox American Symphony.  The melody lines are dramatic & emotional. When listening, I can imagine visuals between dreams & reality.  Circuline, both by word of mouth & in reality has achieved a real self- evolution.  The best new work voted #1 this year was the album by ‘Kansas’ & I have to say that Circuline’s album is right up there too.  It’s astonishing, their growth, & I’m looking forward to hear more of their musical world & wishing them all the respect in the future for a higher rank!

From top 10 albums of 2016 –

Progression Magazine Features Circuline at ProgStock 2017

Thank you, John Collinge and Progression Magazine for the three-page feature on ProgStock2017!  (You’ll see the photos of bassist-drummer Joel Simches, and co-lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist William “Billy” Spillane above.)

“a classy breathe of fresh air…..fascinating changeups into mini-ensemble cameos…..nothing short of exhilarating”

Thank you so much!

Beledo Moves On; Alek Darson Performs at ProgStock

After a year and a half with Circuline, playing on Counterpoint, performing at RoSfest, Progtoberfest, Sonic Voyage Fest, and shows in England, guitarist Beledo has decided to focus on growing his jazz career.  Beledo is a great guitarist, and we wish him the best of luck!

Performing with Circuline at ProgStock 2017 will be international guitarist Alek Darson (Fright Pig, Meridian Voice Project)!

Circuline co-leaders Darin Brannon and Andrew Colyer saw Alek perform for the first time with Fright Pig at the 2014 Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest).  RoSfest is a 10-band progressive rock weekend, which is a lot to take in at one time.  Alek was so awesome that he stood out among the crowd.  Darin and Andrew remembered him.  Later that year, in October at the 2014 New Jersey Proghouse Homecoming, Darin and Andrew saw Alek onstage again, performing a rock-jazz fusion show with Meridian Voice Project.  They connected that weekend, and when Circuline needed guest guitar players for the Counterpoint album, they called Alek.

What many people don’t know about Alek is that not only is he a virtuoso guitar player, but also a highly trained recording and mixing engineer who has produced over 12 albums.  Originally from Serbia, Alek went to school for audio engineering and worked for many years running his own studio, before coming to the U.S. and attending Berklee School of Music for performance and composition.

Alek contributed guitar tracks to the songs “Forbidden Planet”, “Hollow”, was the mixing engineer for the Counterpoint album, and is featured in the band’s Official Video for “Forbidden Planet” (see below).  We’re excited to be performing with him at ProgStock!

Circuline on PROG Magazine Issue 76 Covermount CD

Thank you to Jerry Ewing and all the staff at PROG Magazine (UK) for featuring the Counterpoint track “Summit” on their “Issue 76 One For The Vine” Covermount CD Sampler, included with their Spring 2017 Issue!

Sound of Contact / Dave Kerzner Band‘s multi-talented Matt Dorsey was the guest guitarist solo on this track.  It’s been reported by many people that “Summit” is one of their favorite tracks on the album.

Janet Krier Riccobono‘s husband Rob Shannon took the band photo that was used for the band bio on the CD Covermount page, and Denise Romano Bright took the RoSfest band photo that was used for the 1/2 page promotional ad (partnered with the 2017 ProgStock Festival) for the upcoming CircuLive::Majestik double CD/DVD, out via PledgeMusic later this year!